Sunday, July 12, 2015

Taking a break from stamping.....

I have been on quite a break from stamping, and my poor stamps, inks, and dies need some love! I am sure that when I am ready to start stamping again (I'm truly sad!!), Stampin' Up! will have some awesome new products that I will love. I am listing the majority of my stuff for sale (minus consumables), but there is a lot, so it's going to take some time! I will adding new stuff, hopefully daily. If there is something you are looking for, message me!

Nearly all of my stamp sets are listed here. More photos to come...


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  2. Have you sold all your stamps? I'm interested in getting some of them!

    1. I have sold many. Let me know which ones you are interested in.

  3. Do you have butterflies and bikes? You have a long list without pictures so I am slowly going through that.